Online health and safety services Your location, your schedule

The Breena OHS Advantage


Your location, your schedule. Services are delivered on your schedule at your facility.

Quick, turnkey solutions. Complete solutions to occupational health, safety and performance needs can be up and running quickly.

Instant results. Results and documents are delivered to your inbox or printer within minutes of service completion.

Complete Services from One Source

Physical Exam

Pre-employment Screen

Physical Abilities Assessment

Respirator Fit, PFT, Train, Clearance

Audiometric Test and Train

Control Compliance Costs

All-inclusive rate. Service rate and equipment lease are all inclusive. No other fees or costs. We provide all equipment, staffing and supplies.

Minimal worker downtime. On-location services when you need them. Downtime is just the time it takes to complete the service. No more travel to a facility and time spent in a waiting room.

How it Works

All necessary equipment and supplies are sent to your location

Your equipment package includes everything you need to get started. Quick and easy setup will have you ready in minutes. Lease your equipment for as long as you need. All supplies, maintenance and upgrades are included.

Order your equipment

Schedule a service

You can schedule a service for a time that's convenient for you.  We often have a professional available for immediate service if needed. If you prefer, we can schedule a professional to come to your site to provide hands-on assistance.

Schedule a service

Go online to connect to our professional

We guide your worker through the test or training. Our safety professionals, doctors and certified technicians are ready to provide you with expert services. You will receive results and documents quickly after the service is completed. 

An Experienced Team

Breena occupational health and safety experts have extensive experience helping companies improve workplace health, safety and productivity. Together with our nation-wide network of service providers, Breena provides a complete solution.  Rigorous quality control along with a knowledgeable and caring staff are among the reasons Breena is selected as the preferred provider for many of the largest nationwide networks and companies,